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Ken & Ashley Harter

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Make more money for your home. Get more home for your money. We empower consumers with real estate knowledge and guide them to make better decisions in the real estate marketplace by delivering first-class service and unparalleled results.

Ken Harter

Ken Harter

Owner & Broker | CalBRE# 01925098

(310) 633-0641

A career as a real estate professional can be so rewarding.  However, it can also get diluted in a way that no longer serves people’s highest and best interest.  

The industry is saturated with agents trying to meet aggressive quotas set upon them by their brokers.  As a result, the pressures to turn over listings quickly has created a culture and environment of “high volume” real estate professionals.  Collecting a bunch of listings at a discounted commission rate will most certainly cost a seller on the backend.

Most home sellers feel an instant gratification when their property enters escrow quickly at a “perceived great value” and a substantially discounted commission rate, when in reality hundreds of thousands of dollars in seller profits are left off the table.  This pattern gets repeated over and over again and is a great injustice to not only the seller, but the neighborhood and community as a whole.  Which is why I decided to start my own firm.

The Harter Group is about making dreams come true. We are the best at what we do!  We have consistently exceeded our client’s financial expectations, maximizing profit beyond what was financially necessary to sell, and that has resulted in a better life and greater wealth for our clients. 

I have seen firsthand the positive impact our work has had on the families we have worked with.  The extra cash we have secured for our clients, beyond what was financially necessary to sell, meant they could pursue a bigger home in a safer community, or put that extra cash towards a dream vacation, or fund their children’s education and extra curricular activities.  

We never settle for doing a good job.  We push to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations and do the honorable thing.  I look forward to helping you achieve a better quality of life and increased wealth.

Please contact us for all your real estate needs.

Ashley Harter

Ashley Harter

Owner & REALTOR® | CalBRE# 01838550

(949) 412-2808

Hi Friends!

I’m Ashley.  I was born and raised in South OC in a small town called Lake Forest.  I love it so much that I still live and work there today. 

There are a million real estate agents to choose from.  So why me?

Because I promise to be assertive, accurate, honest, transparent, and genuine.  

In my early 20’s, my father unexpectedly passed away along with both sets of my grandparents.  Our leader and protector was gone.  And suddenly, my sisters, mother and I found ourselves in a situation where we couldn’t trust the people we should have been able to trust during a very fragile and vulnerable period of time.

One day, my Grandparents’ home came on the market.  I stumbled upon the listing purely by accident.  My mother who was one of the trustees had no knowledge that the home was for sale because she hadn’t signed any contracts with any realtor.  We realized her inheritance, which was tied up in that property, was at risk.

Everyone involved in the scandal eventually came to light, but it was a pivotal moment for me because I realized how much the realtor in charge bothered me more than the people who tried to sell my grandparents’ home without my mother’s consent.  The realtor was incompetent and didn’t care about anything beyond collecting their commission.

The realtor never checked the title records to see that the home was in a trust before putting the house on the market.  And as a result, the listing agreement didn’t have the correct seller’s name on the contract.  The realtor never asked to review the trust to determine who the legal signors should be.  Once in escrow, no one verified the names associated on the bank account that the final proceeds were scheduled to be wired into, which did not match the names on the trust.  It was like everyone was just going through the motions but not really doing their jobs.  What a hot, legal and expensive mess our family was in… and it all could have been prevented had the realtor just done his job!

It was because of this life experience that I decided to learn everything I could about real estate so I could protect my family and friends with their biggest and most valuable asset.

And that is why The Harter Group exists today.  Trust is so hard to come by and find anymore.  Which is why we are committed to being assertive, honest, transparent, genuine and most importantly ACCURATE!  My clients will never have to worry about anything because they will receive exceptional care with me.


MS, Real Estate – University of San Diego

BA, English – Cal State University, Fullerton

Please contact us for all your real estate needs.

Ken & Ashley Harter

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#1 Real Estate Team 2017 – Present

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